DragonVale World HACK ULTIMATE V. 4.3.3

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The best program to DragonVale World game. The program created by me personally in the programming language C #. It is stable and very carefully developed the application. It works fine on Android and iOS systems. There is also a version for Windows. When using the mobile systems you are not required to select the options to connect to the device. The application automatically connects to the mobile device.

DragonVale World HACK ipk apk security systems

  1. AES ENCRYPTION – original name is Middel’s. It is a way of encrypting information based on Rijndael algorithm.

  2. NETFIX SYSTEM – system of automated connection repair between the device and the application.

  3. PROXY GATE – proxy gate ensures 100% anonymity during connection. From now on both your game as well as application are safe.

  4. TS CONNECTION (Troubleshoot Connection) – the system is designed by Windows company. It’s very helpful in case of my application.

  5. CONSOLE – thanks to the console you can see in the program, you are always up to date with the information about the progress in the application operation.

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dragonVale World ios apk mobile cheat engine

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Version for Android [*.apk]:

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Version for iOS [*.ipk]:

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Version for Windows [*.exe]:

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Jewels in DragonVale diamonds hack are red, shiny diamonds, which are being used as currency premium. Today we will discuss them and we will show in our tips for earn them for free without having to pay a single buck. Of course, just we get them to buy for real cash in the “Treasure”, a few of the sections available on the market. Treasures significantly help us away of all fun and although they may show up necessary to have fun this is not the situation, and all we can achieve complete them using, although it must be stressed that it will take us then far more time.

Diamonds in the game we use for multiple actions, mainly to accelerate the next steps as the construction as well as expansion of buildings, cleaning obstacles, brooding eggs, traversing dragons, while immediately want to complete the process and all other jobs that require you to complete some time separately from the Colosseum and Trees DragonVale world hack

For treasures also modern Kindergarten for dragons (Nursery), thereby allowing there to hold up to four dragon ova. The cave hibernation, which stores up to all of us to 300-hundred dragons. We all can buy a special island Epic Breeding Area, improve Breeding Cave, Mating Enchanted Cave and so forth

Free gems you receive from friends and here they can get up to 500 devices per day, assuming that you have 500 friends who choose to provide to you diamond. The moment buying diamonds for 90 Dragonsai Gifting Tree, we can raise the amount of these trinkets received a day of friends.

No cost diamonds also get a win at the Coliseum, two pieces receive the silver trophy and five for gold. Also, the Golden Treasure Chest at random get these jewels. Likewise we get them from the Gemstone Dragons on the island of st. kitts.

At the end of the information about the acceleration shares for gemstones. Each accelerated time is 1 gem for release. However, if the hatching eggs (for example) endures 2 hours and 4 minutes to pay for the completion of that action 2 gems for 2 hours DragonVale cheat plus one extra for the remaining 3min, giving a total of 3 diamonds, but if we wait 3min it will save 1 diamonds and the acceleration we will pay only 2.